Kim Jong Un Moisturizing Face Mask Skyrockets To Popularity In South Korea

Kim Jong Un Moisturizing Face Mask
Photo by Twitter/Sam Kim

Kim Jong Un is often portrayed as a ruthless and bloodthirsty dictator who starves his own people and plans to nuke the world. Consequently, Trump is a smart and generous role model of Americans who wants all races to thrive in the US. Jokes aside, South Koreans are more accepting towards the North Korean Kim, or at least to his Kim Jong Un Moisturizing Face Mask.


One of the most historical events between North and South Korea is the prelude to peace among the two warring countries. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is also set to visit South Korea soon for that prospect. Hence, a skincare company went to prepare for such an event with their Kim Jong Un moisturizing face mask:

You see South Koreans are very keen on their skincare, and face masks are pretty much ubiquitous there. As such, the Kim Jong Un moisturizing face mask was a huge hit. Ever since skincare company 5149 launched it in June, more than 25,000 of them have reportedly been sold in South Korea. It was dubbed “unification moisture nuclear masks,” or nuke masks for short.


It’s not just a novelty mask, mind you. The company responsible for it claimed that it contained water from the Paektu Mountains, a sacred active volcano on the border of China and North Korea. The Kim Jong Un moisturizing face mask also has quite an alluring slogan, “All hail moisture for all women of the North and South!” Now that’s skin for you.


Oddly enough, it is actually still illegal in South Korea to speak favorably about the North Korean government. Still, this did not prevent many South Koreans from abandoning Kim’s bloodthirsty tyrant image in favor of calling him “cute.” Now that’s one way to initiate peace.

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