Nurse Looks Like ‘Elephant Man’ After Botched Lip Job [Photo]


A young mother is warning the internet against lip filler treatment after she says a botched job left her looking like the ‘Elephant Man‘.

via PicDove
via Picdove; 23-year-old Billie Roocroft had never been satisfied with her ‘thin’ lips

Billie Roocroft, seen above, had never been fulfilled with her thin lips and after viewing celebrities swank their own, she elected to go for a ‘fuller’ look.

She claims the $94 (£120) proposal for 1ml of filler, which was administered to her in her living room, by a mother and daughter, left her in pain, swollen, and sprinting to A&E.

“My lips swelled that big within half an hour of the beautician leaving, they looked like they were going to pop,” said Roocroft.

via A&E; Roocroft’s sentiments, exactly

“My top lip was a lot bigger while my bottom lip was touching my chin – I looked like The Elephant Man. My lips were stinging and felt really sore from the stretching, I felt like crying as my neck, jaw and throat were hurting too,” she explained.

“While I went to hospital, my mum looked after my little girl, who was two at the time. As I was putting her in the car she was a bit scared and just stared at me. I went to A&E with my hands over my face. When the receptionist asked what was wrong I couldn’t talk so just showed her.

“I was really upset when I was checked out by the doctor as he told me he couldn’t promise that it would go down, I thought I was going to be stuck like that forever,” Roocroft furthered.

Following a 7-hour stay at Bolton Hospital’s A&E she was injected steroids injection and a series of painkillers, which assisted in returning her lips back to normal.

Roocroft added: “Don’t go to just anyone. Make sure they are qualified and registered nurses, they know exactly where to inject.”


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