‘Trump Fan’ Mother’s Babysitter Requirements Go Viral; Gets Mom-shamed Online

babysitter requirements
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There is always that one person who knows how capitalism works and will live and breath it at every opportunity. Even when looking for babysitters. One mother of three on Facebook might have been the perfect example of such a person when she posted her babysitter requirements online for a superstar babysitter.

Apparently, the anonymous mother’s babysitter requirements were so absurd and sky high for the pay it offers, that she got mom-shamed online. To put it bluntly, she was looking for a $10/hr babysitter who will ideally be a Trump fan (yikes), have 9 years of relevant experience, will double as a 2nd language tutor, and has her own car. Here’s the complete list:

babysitter requirements
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“Serious inquiries ONLY,” for those thinking it was a clever satirical jab at cheap Republican moms. It was outrageous, of course, and about a thousand comments flooded the post within 24 hours of being uploaded. One would wonder how and why a person with 9 years of work experience or a degree would accept an hourly rate of $10/hour or let alone be a “Trump fan.”

While the said job requirements were originally posted on Facebook, it has made its way into Reddit. There the people of the internet (the rational ones) mom-shamed her because why not:

babysitter requirements
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Still, not the first time an absurd demand from a cheap employer went viral. The internet actually has those in spades; from extravagant bridezillas, toxic bachelorettes, and cheap tutor employers. It’s just that this one required the employee to be a Trump fan, and that is truly something special.

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