You Can Now Buy A ‘Bullsh*t Button’ To Push When Your Mate’s Blabbing


If your mate has a tendency to kid a lot or stretch the truth even, then you may be interested in purchasing your very own ‘bullsh*t button.’

via Tenor; HA, HA!

Who has a buddy (or family member, or mate) who talks sh*t sideways out of their mouth often?

That’s right, all of us! At times it goes undetected, sometimes you’re able to let it slide, and other times you just have to call them out on their bullsh*t.

Well, the latest ‘bullsh*t button’ now comes with five different ways you can call your boyfriend out on his falsehoods.

via Stella; The perfect mother-in-law Xmas present!

“That was bullsh*t,” “Warning, warning, bullsh*t alert,””Oh come on now, that ain’t even bullsh*t, that’s horse sh*t,” “Bullsh*t level def con five,” and “Bullsh*t detected, take precautions,” are the five various way to express your bullsh*t concerns –  and, the button (too) lights up when pressed!

The useful button too comes with a Velcro pad on the back, so you’re able to stick it on the table in the midst of likely bullsh*tting scenarios, such as work meetings, in the tavern and first dates.

“Perhaps the most amazing and useful item I bought in my life. It changed my professional life and makes me laugh every time I use it,” wrote one reviewer. Another posted: “The recipient of this for the Office Secret Santa (2017) was highly amused and it raised much mirth and tittering around the office. Everyone wanted to press it and did so, more than once.”


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