You Can Now Use An Oreo Cookie To Play Music… Wait, What?

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Oreo is certainly up there with the top cookies of the world. Perhaps it is even the best, sorry Chips Ahoy!, your chocolate chips are simply not plenty or big enough like it says on the cover. Regardless, everybody loves a default Oreo cookie with or without milk. So Nabisco, its parent company has made a way for people to love an Oreo cookie a lot more, by making it play music!


Remember those old gramophone vinyl records which are big black discs that contain audio information? Pepperidge Farm remembers but in all seriousness, those things will probably not be recognized by younger generations anymore.

Still, there is one thing that gramophone vinyl records resemble, an Oreo cookie! And Nabisco probably knows that too, hence they introduced a special gramophone record player which plays music using Oreo cookies as the vinyl records! Quite an amazing era we live in today, truly. Of course, it’s for sale, at $19.99 on Amazon (including Oreos) and it is still currently sold out due to its popularity:

The way it works is that you simply place your Oreo cookie on the small gramophone record player, slide the arm with the needle in, and it will play the instrumental music. Apparently, the music also changes when the cookie gets smaller, meaning it will play something different if you decide to take a bite out of the spinning Oreo cookie.


It also functions as a true recorder device and people can even record their voices on the device for playbacks. Well, now we all know what cookies we’re getting (or giving) for Christmas. Nabisco did not specify whether it also plays music using other cookies, however, probably not. Sorry Chips Ahoy! lovers.

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