Cashier Teases Girl’s Purchase – And Her Dad’s Reaction Is Priceless!


A Dollar General cashier taunted a man’s child after she purchased pads, however . . . he did not expect her father to come barking at him moments later!

via Nick; NOTHING worse, than an angry dad

“My children got back (home) ashamed and were weeping over this sorry example of an individual,” said the irate dad.

Following, the father returned to the store and shot video of his exchange with the cashier and uploaded it to YouTube with the title “Angry Papa at the Dollar General,” detailing: “A Dollar General clerk humiliates my 12 year. old child while purchasing pads. I face him.”

The footage begins with big poppa barging into the shop to have a word with the jokester, expressing that his kids were in the store buying pads and “you split a joke and shamed my partner and humiliated my children.” He then inquires if the employee “believes that’s all right.”

The cashier then contends that he “wasn’t making a joke about them.”

The father remains calm, but says he’s “not cool with” the comments, characterizing that his children “are ashamed, weeping, my other half is ashamed, and I’m not alright with it.” He encourages the worker to keep his mouth shut at work and stave off joking about patrons.

Daddy then proceeds to speak to the manager, who is naturally stunned by the staff member’s antics. “So everybody understands, after this video was published on Facebook a great deal of females stepped forward and spoke up on how they were pestered by this person. Yes he was fired and now he operates at a gasoline station here in the area. Not behind the register, however as a stocker,” said the father via social media.


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