Creepy Organisms Living And Crawling On Your Body Right Now


Every part of you, from your eyeballs to your gut, is crawling with little microscopic organisms, and rubbing alcohol is not going to rid you of them.

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Demodex mites, for instance, are the lifelong amigos you never knew about (well, until now).

100 percent of adults tested for Demodex mites on their faces had Demodex DNA laying around, a 2014 study showed. We probably have anywhere from hundreds to thousands of Demodex mites poking our cheeks as this very moment . . . and even we did muster up some adust-earth solution to eliminate them, the populace would resurface in just six weeks because the cara-crawlies reside everywhere from our pillowcase(s) to our towels!

Though, there’s no area quite as special as your face, which extends scrumptious dead skin cells, (free!) sebaceous oil, and is even splattered with millions of small holes, named pores, which are ideal for the mites to lay their eggs in.

Peculiar as it sounds, your belly button is in fact a flourishing ecosystem. After examining 60+ belly buttons in 2011, scientists extracted 2,369 various species of bacteria, over half of which were undiscovered previously. Some belly buttons bared say 29 species of bacteria, whilst other ones sponsored ‘free-for-alls’ of up to 108 species, with majority having 60-some species.

Or, take when your armpit(s) produces liquid – it’s like a snack to a bacteria called Staphylococcus hominis, and the famished interaction between sweat and bacteria produces the foul (underarm) odor we’re all accustomed to. Deodorants do not fix the issue, actually; rather, they mainly mask the scent.

Likewise, once you (physically) die, the once cordial organisms of your stomach begin devouring you from the inside out, while the skin bacteria breaks down the walls from the outside in. And though your body spends its entire life fighting decomposition off, in numerous battles and wars, everyone succumbs in the end.


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