Police Officer Babysat Kids So Their Mom Could File a Domestic Violence Report

Police Officer Babysat Kids So Their Mom Could File a Domestic Violence Report
Source: West Jordan Police Department

A cop in Utah has won the heart of the internet after he helped out a mother attempting to file a domestic violence report.

A few weeks ago, the woman arrived at the West Jordan Police Department, along with her three young children, to report that she was being abused.

Unfortunately, filing a domestic violence report can be challenging and time-consuming, and we imagine it’s all the more difficult with three children – all under five-years-of-age – in tow.

But luckily for the woman, Officer Robert Lofgran was on shift, and he happily watched the youngsters while their mom filed her report. Thanks to his kind offer, she also had time to talk to a victim advocate, with the whole process taking several hours.

The department shared photos of Lofgran’s babysitting detail on Facebook, and unsurprising the sweet snaps went viral. However, Sergeant Alex Earelli said Lofgran is not the only officer willing to step up when needed.

Speaking to CTV News, he said: “I wouldn’t say it’s every single day, but it’s often where officers do step in to try and help out with providing any type of resource so the parents or the victims can get assistance.”

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