High Steaks: ‘Freakishly Huge’ Bovine Gets Dethroned By Another Giant Cow

giant cow
Photo by Facebook/Kismet Creek Farm

Looks like its deja-moo all over again as we have another news within the same cow-tegory. You have all heard and read about the eighth wonder of the farm world, right? Knickers, the Australian cow has been making rounds recently because of his huge size, he stood 6’4″ from hoof to shoulder. However, Knickers will have to moo-ve over because another giant cow has been discovered.

Dozer, wants the Australian steer to, uh, steer clear as he stampedes his way to the throne of the biggest cow ever. A Canadian Holstein Friesian cow, Dozer has been measured standing at 6’5″ from hoof to shoulder. That is one full inch taller than Knickers, officially making him the biggest cow alive in existence right now. Knickers’ 15 minutes of fame is also officially over now.

Still, both Knickers and Dozer shared the same fate because of their enormous physical stature. Initially, the two were slated for butchering at a slaughterhouse, but their size intimidated the butchers… Just kidding, but their size did make it udderly problematic for the processor to fit them in, hence they were spared.


Dozer now lives in Kismet Creek Farm in Steinbach, Mantioba, Canada. There, he will spend the rest of his life among other animals such as goats and horses. Despite his size, Dozer is actually a gentle giant, his owner even said that “We have a couple of horses in the same pen with him and they kind of push him around a little bit and he allows it. He’s just that type of guy, that he’s very, very calm.”


That means there probably be no beef between Knickers and Dozer despite the latter dethroning him.

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