These Gilmore Girls Quotes Can Turn Anyone Into A Modern Feminist

Gilmore Girls Quotes

Gilmore Girls is a timeless classic that you can binge dozens of times without getting sick of the storyline. No matter how many times I watch the show, I still hope that she ends up with Jess (#TeamJess).  As a female-driven show, Lorelai and Rory are the obvious feminists on the show, but that doesn’t mean the other characters don’t surprise fans and step up to the challenge every now and then. Not that you need the help, but these Gilmore Girls quotes can turn anyone into a modern feminist. Enjoy!

Huge Fan Of Guys

Gilmore Girls Quotes

In the very first episode of Gilmore Girls, Rory gets accepted to Chilton Prep School. Of course, she also meets the dreamy Jared Padalecki, who played Dean, at public school the very day that was to be her last. After showing him around town a bit, Rory becomes smitten and decides she doesn’t want to go to private school anymore. When Lorelai finds out it’s because of a guy, she makes an excellent point.

“Don’t get me wrong. Guys are great. I am a huge fan of guys. You don’t get knocked up at 16 being indifferent to guys. But, babe, guys are always going to be there. This school isn’t. It’s more important. It has to be more important.”

Eventually, Rory sees the light and agrees that her education is far more important than some guy.

Rory Wants To Be Christiane Amanpour

Gilmore Girls Quotes

Who did you look up to when you were 16? I think I wanted to be Brittney Spears, or one of the Spice Girls, or pretty much anyone who slept with Justin Timberlake back then. Not Rory Gilmore though. She wanted to be journalist Christiane Amanpour, which is exactly what she told the headmaster at Chilton on her first day.

Headmaster Charleston: “Why do you wish to be Christiane Amanpour?”
Rory: “Well, I don’t wish to be her, exactly. I just want to do what she does.”
Headmaster Charleston: “Which is?”
Rory: “Um….travel, see the world up close, be part of something big.”
Headmaster Charleston: “And in order to be part of something big, you have to be on TV? Why not lead the police on a high-speed chase? That’s a quicker way to achieve your goal.”
Rory: “Being on TV has nothing to do with it. Maybe I’ll become a journalist and write books and articles about what I see. I just want to make sure that I see….something.”

Laurelai Didn’t Put Rory In Expensive Dresses

While helping out her mom with a double wedding at the Independence Inn, both Rory and Laurelai watch as a mother scolds her daughter for having too much fun in her expensive dress. The mother tells the little girl to sit in the chair and not move, so the dress doesn’t get ruined. Laurelai mentions that she was put in many similar dresses and implies that she also was told to sit still when wearing them. To this, Rory replies:

“Thank you for not putting me in a dress like that.”

Rory Always Puts Her Education First

Gilmore Girls Quotes

Rory might have had a temporary lapse in judgment when she first met Dean, but honestly who can blame her? It didn’t take her long to get back on track though, and the sentiment stuck around throughout the entire series. This epic Gilmore Girls quote is just one of the many demonstrating moments Rory puts her education first.

“Who cares if I’m pretty if I fail my finals?”

My Name Is Rory

Gilmore Girls Quotes

The girls of Chilton Prep School all seemed to find Tristan mind-numbingly dreamy, but Rory remained unmoved by his charm. (Well, for the most part.) His flirting methods are unoriginal as he attempts to get Rory’s attention by teasing her and just flat out being cruel. She doesn’t take his shit though.

Tristan: “You know what, Mary, see I can’t figure out why we’re not friends. I think it’s because I make you nervous.”
Rory: “I think it’s because you can’t learn my name.”

Rory Is Short For Lorelai

Gilmore Girls Quotes

The story of how Rory got her name is the true embodiment of feminism. Women rarely name their children after themselves, yet it’s incredibly common for men to do it. So why can’t the ladies do it too?

“She named me after herself. She was lying in the hospital thinking about how men name boys after themselves all the time, you know, so why couldn’t women? She says her feminism just kind of took over. Though personally, I think a lot of Demerol also went into that decision.”

Paris Pointing Out Sexism

When Paris and Rory got into one of their many fights, they landed themselves in the headmaster’s office. Both girls refused to explain why they weren’t getting along, leaving Headmaster Charleston to guess. Of course, when two women aren’t getting along, the typical male presumption is that it’s over a guy. Paris’ response to the headmaster’s theory is exactly what goes through every females mind when a man makes this assumption.

“We’re girls, so we could only be arguing about a boy, right?”

Marry Rich

Gilmore Girls Quotes

One of the reasons Gilmore Girls has become so successful is because it often polks fun at feminine stereotypes. Like, for example, how all independent women will end up spinsters, our appearance is a more important quality over our intelligence, and of course, that we’re all out to marry some rich sucker.

Rory: “If all else fails, you can marry rich.”
Lorelai: “I love that we always have that option.”

Lane Ditched The Dumb Guy

Gilmore Girls Quotes

Convinced that he’s her soulmate, Lane gets Rory to set her up with Dean’s friend Todd. They go on a double date to the movies, where Lane attempts to get to know her guy. Unfortunately, he ends up being a dud, and instead of dating him again because he’s “cute” like most young girls would do, she ends their brief love story.

Rory: “Not the guy for you, huh?”
Lane: “Not the guy for anybody who can read, write, talk or function on a basic human level.”

The Donna Reed Episode

Gilmore Girls Quotes

When Dean stops by the Gilmore house with some pizza, he puts his foot in his mouth with a comment about the ehh.. “traditional” type of woman during an old episode of The Donna Reed Show. It seems that Dean appreciates a woman who likes to cook and clean for their man, which makes sense because as a teenager that woman would be his mother. Rory and Lorelai take this as an insult to their feminist lifestyle until Rory decides to do some research on the late actress, which inspires her to play dress up for her boyfriend. It would seem that there was more to Ms. Reed than what appeared on the show.

“She was an uncredited producer and director on her TV show, which made her one of the first woman TV executives.”

Richard Kicks Out Straub

Gilmore Girls Quotes

When Christopher comes to town, the Gilmores think it’ll be a great idea to get their families together for the first time in over a decade. Of course, it all goes to shit and Christopher’s father Straub ends up saying some pretty nasty things to Laurelai about her teenage pregnancy. As usual, he blames her for getting knocked up and ruining Christopher’s life, because obviously, his son had nothing to do with the pregnancy. (Gag.)

Straub: “…And I wouldn’t give a damn about you derailing your life if you hadn’t swept my son along with you.”
Richard: “I’m going to have to echo Christopher’s call for civility here. A mutual mistake was made many years ago by these two, but they have come a long way since.”

When A Boy Honks

Gilmore Girls Quotes

When Dean picks up Rory for a school dance, he honks the horn as he was instructed to do. Emily, who had come over to take photos of her granddaughter heading off to her first formal refused to let her go. She may have even said something about Rory not being drive through Chicken.

“You do not go running out the door when a boy honks.”

No Men

Gilmore Girls Quotes

Gilmore Girls Quotes

When Rory learns that her college boyfriend Logan cheated on her, she and Paris order a ton of Chinese food and veg out. Who needs men when you have junk food? Paris also sticks up for her pal when Logan shows up at their front door.

“You offer nothing to women or the world in general.”

Lorelai’s Proposal

Gilmore Girls Quotes

Why wait for the guy to get down on one knee? Lorelai Gilmore didn’t! Of all the Gilmore Girls quotes here, Lorelai proposing to Luke most depicts the modern day feminist.

What are some of your favorite Gilmore Girls quotes?

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