Mother Arrested For Killing Baby and Hiding Rotting Body in Freezer

Mother Arrested For Killing Baby and Hiding Rotting Body in a Motel Freezer

There’s plenty of stories around the web of mothers not acting very motherly.

Such as Shanavia Miller, from Georgia, who beat her daughter on Facebook Live to “embarrass her.” Or Cinccinati mother Candida Fluty, who injected a “foreign substance” into her chronically ill child’s IV line.

Still, this latest tale of child abuse has to be one of the worst. Amanda Oakes, from Dothan, Alabama, is accused of killing her baby, then stuffing its body into a motel freezer once “the smell became unbearable.”

The 36-year-old is believed to have killed the child in June, but is now asking to have her 400,000 bond reduced so she can get out of jail sooner.

However, Terri Dubose – who works for the Dothan Child Advocacy Center – says Oakes should remain in jail to protect her other children.

She said: “Many times in families where abuse or neglect has occurred, it’s never a safe option for the children to have that parent return to the family.”

Local residents are also horrified by the prospect of Oakes returning to the neighborhood, with one telling WDHN: “As a mother, a single mother of 3 kids, I dare wouldn’t do that I would even attempt or think about doing that.

“I have three kids I brought into this world. Whether I’m single or divorced, married, I could never do that to my kids.”

Oakes has been charged with manslaughter and abuse of a corpse, and is suspected to have been high when she put the body in the freezer.

Police are yet to release details on how the infant died.

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