Inside Looking Out — ‘Everyday Objects From Inside’, Zoom-Out Video


This is the latest video from Macro Room, ‘Everyday Objects From Inside’, starring a slew of ‘everyday objects’ that are nearly unrecognizable until it zooms out.

via ImgFlip; Wow, how freakin’ cool is that!

Okay, most likely you still know what most of the objects are when perceived in super-macro, which then become very identifiable as the camera zooms out.

The Macro Room channel, is primarily interested in ‘the hidden beauty of our world.’

Their goal is to discover ‘ordinary objects’ through the eye of a shifting bullet utilizing their new probe lens by Laowa. And we tell you what . . . it is totally awesome, dude!

Have you ever wondered what certain things look like on the inside? Or, are you just into peculiar videos (like the one above)?

Providing so – you might wanna bookmark Macro Room’s YouTube than!

They truly possess some awing videos that will have you sharing them with everybody in your office (well, except with the annoying boss)!

See, what’d we tell ya!

The first industrial zoom lens production was the Bell and Howell Cooke “Varo” 40–120 mm lens for 35mm film cameras, introduced in 1932. Though, the most astounding early Zoom lens (TV) was the VAROTAL III, from Rank Taylor Hobson from United Kingdom assembled in 1953.

An authentic zoom lens, too named a parfocal lens, is one that sustains focus when its focal length alters. A lens that loses focus in the midst of zooming is more formally called a varifocal lens. Regardless being commercialized as zoom lenses, essentially all consumer lenses with adjustable focal lengths use the varifocal design.


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