Cat Busts Out Sit-Ups Underneath Car [Video]


A kitty was filmed underneath a car in a parking lot—lying on the ground, upside-down whilst stowing its two hind legs on the bottom of the bumper to perform sit-ups!

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The hysterical, surreal moment shows a cat seriously busting out gut-squeezers in broad daylight smack in the middle of the afternoon.

The feline did the exercise for around two or three minutes, according to reports.

Evidently, the animal HAS to get a workout in or else its chakras are thrown all the way off – you totally understand, right!?

Right. For pet health, a little kitty exercise every now and then is surely not a bad idea.

Pet parents are frequently at a loss when it comes to cat cardio, however there are a plethora of ways to get your kitten to exercise. Laser pointers, for instance, can be an awesome way to get your cat moving; plus, it’s super entertaining to watch!

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Too, as cliché as it is, string or a ball of yarn is a cat’s golden toy.

“The old standby that cats cannot seem to resist is a string pulled along the floor,” states Susan Bulanda, a certified feline and canine behavior consultant.

For a piquant exercise/play session, move the string across the floor and make sure you dangle it as if it’s a snake or “alive.” In addition, make sure you put the string away after you’re done using with it, and make certain your kitty is never left alone with a string toy.

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