Man Buys Dresser For $100 At Yard Sale, Finds Hidden Treasure Inside


Yard sales are ideal places to go on a treasure hunt. And by doing so, one man in Texas literally found out that one person’s trash is (certainly) another’s treasure.

via Icepop; Emil Knodell (left)

Emil Knodell, has a passion for discovering rare antique items.

While hunting for a good deal, one day, Knodell stumbled upon the purchase of a lifetime. He arrived at a Premier Estates Sales Network estate sale, and procured a dresser with a marble top and three wooden drawers.

The antique piece was dated back the 1890s, said the appraisal. Originally the dresser was $300 when the sale began however, they were willing to let it go for less than $100.

via Twitter; Dresser contained hidden fourth drawer ????

Come to find out, the old dresser held a secret that had been hidden from the world for several decades.

When yard sale attenders began assisting Knodell in moving the dresser, something seemed out of place. The dresser’s weight appeared quite suspect due to its stature and emptiness. They laid the dresser on its side then, and they soon heard a noise. Everyone was extremely confused at the noise, seeing that the dresser – was empty!

via Facebook; Knodell hits the jackpot

“When you look at the front of it, it looks like it has three obvious drawers with molding on the base. But the bottom has a secret drawer that opens up,” said Knodell.

The secret fourth drawer was full of money from all around the world, jewels, and personal mementos. Some of the items dated back even all the way to the Civil War, such as dog tags and military medals. One of the most peculiar items was a preserved lock of hair!

While some of the stuff in the covert fourth drawer has yet to be professionally appraised, it’s estimated the items are worth at least $15,000. And considering Knodell got the dresser for less than $100, we’d say he sure (as hell) got a sensational return on his investment.

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