Guess What Pops Up When You Ask Siri Donald Trump’s Age

Guess What Pops Up When You Google Donald Trump's Age

If you think Donald Trump is a d*ck, well, it seems Siri agrees with you.

If you ask the virtual assistant Trump’s age, a penis pops up where his face should be, because damn that b*tch is sassy.

The image error was thanks to a group of hackers making edits to the President’s Wikipedia page, and also works with the phrase “Who is Donald Trump?”

Immature, we know, but it still made us giggle.

Sadly, the glitch now appears to have been fixed, with a spokesperson for Wikipedia telling The Verge that the pranksters behind it had been “blocked indefinitely.”

And as hilarious as this was, Twitter pointed out Thanksgiving wasn’t the best time for a prank like this to go down.

It’s certainly one way to make your politically-divided family’s discussion about the President more awkward.

Still, Siri isn’t the first piece of AI to make fun of Trump. Earlier this year, it was discovered that if you Google Image search the word “idiot,” then Trump’s face was the top result.

Although both glitches have a reasonable explanation, we prefer to think it’s just brazen AI sharing their views on the current political climate.

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