ISS Astronauts Spend ‘Out Of This World’ Thanksgiving With Weird But Hearty Food

Photo by Fox News

Every year, Thanksgiving is the same on Earth, roast turkey which your parents died to prepare, clashing political views at the dinner table, and of course, something to be thankful for, whatever that is. Do not take that for granted, however, as some people have arguably more “distant” and “cold” Thanksgiving celebrations such as the astronauts of the International Space Station (ISS).


Distant, literally, because they are situated 260 miles above the Earth with just sheets of metal to protect them from the cold, dark void of space. It’s one thing to have Thanksgiving with politically opposed relatives but that does not compare to dining under the ever-looming threat of space accidents. Hence, the astronauts of US, Germany, and Russia had quite a special Thanksgiving in space:

That’s one hell of a literal out-of-this-world Thanksgiving. Their turkey does look a bit light on the stomach though with the way it floats… Just kidding, it was the lack of gravity. Anyway, their Thanksgiving feast apparently consists of “candied yams, to stuffing, to special spicy pound cakes,” unfortunately they do not seem to have real turkey because that would not be practical nor safe.


Those packs do not compare to the Thanksgiving feasts on Earth, though because they are in ready-to-eat packets that are sealed and processed with heat. They do that to prevent germs from contaminating and traveling into space. In a way, one could say that they are lucky since their food is guaranteed germ-free and their company at the dinner table would not be arguing in any way, hopefully.

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