Math Teacher Allegedly Penalizes Equal Sign Lines Not Drawn With Rulers

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Ugh, math. The cruel memories of calculus and trigonometry are enough to trigger nightmares. Sure, arithmetic and anything until high school are doable, but past that, it’s an entirely different language only androids would understand. However, some Japanese students may be experiencing math hell already as early as multiplication lessons thanks to their math teacher.


One math teacher in Japan is making their student hate math a lot more because the said teacher apparently insists on straight multiplication lines. You know, those things which also count as a simpler equal sign usually used for multiplication operations. This compelled the students to use rulers for those multiplication lines, anything off with the said straight horizontal line, gets penalized:

As you can see from the photo above which was provided by the teacher itself, the solution on the left was deemed wrong despite having the correct answer all because of the wavy equal sign. The one on the right, which appears to have equal signs drawn with a ruler is correct.


If you ask me, that “1” should also be drawn straight at a 90-degree angle and that “8” should have symmetrical curves on it and should be drawn using a compass, otherwise the answer is wrong!


The name of the said school remains unknown, but goodness knows what geometric standards they practice. Of course, the internet is not too keen on letting such obsessive-compulsive practices get in the way of children’s education, it is a ridiculous metric for grading after all. The name of the teacher remains anonymous at the moment.

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