Trump Couldn’t Resist Patting A Horse’s Butt, You Can Probably Guess What Happens Next

horse's butt
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If there was one positive thing that US President Donald Trump has brought to the world, it’s probably the fact that he made political jokes a norm. Even celebrities just can’t avoid it with their jabs with a recent notable where Jim Carrey implied Trump was a “horse’s ass.” So what happens when Trump himself literally pats a horse’s butt in front of the White House? Well, Twitter horsed around, of course!

It can be recalled that the White House received its first Christmas tree for the year. As per tradition, it was delivered by a horse-drawn carriage and Trump and his wife, Melania was there to welcome them. The two walked around the carriage and inspected their Christmas tree while the song “Oh Christmas Tree” was playing in the background.

Before entering the White House though, Trump just couldn’t help himself and went in for a quick horse’s butt stroke with one of the horses. The horse didn’t mind though, oddly enough. You have seen and heard of the pot calling the kettle black, now prepare for horse’s ass, touching a horse’s ass:

It was a beautiful coincidence even though it was just for a brief moment, so Twitter simply could not let it slide unnoticed. Out poured the political jokes and the world became a much brighter place.

Of course, it probably wasn’t the only posteriors that Trump has touched (with or without consent, who knows?), but this was probably the first time he touched an ass which was pretty similar to himself, at least, according to Jim Carrey’s political sketches.

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