Gun Bless You: South Korean Christian Cult In The US Exists And Worships Guns

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Well what do you know, power does grow out of a barrel of a gun. Political power? Sure. How about religious power? Well, one Christian cult residing in the US has an answer to that, as the said group incorporates AR-15 rifles and bullet crowns among their bibles and church robes. The said group calls itself World Peace and Unification Sanctuary and they follow Christianity with all guns blazing.

Unfortunately, they were not inspired by Samuel Jackson’s churchy hitman in Pulp Fiction. The World Peace and Unification Sanctuary or Sanctuary Church for short was founded by South Koreans in the US. It is now being currently lead by Rev. Hyung-jin “Sean” Moon and every single one of their members are allowed to carry guns both in and out of the church, talk about gunning for heaven.

“The Bible is very clear in showing that Christ requires us to be judges over the nation, judges of the wicked, to rule with a rod of iron. Psalm 2 and Revelation 2 say that the Believers will rule with a rod of iron,” said Moon. Additionally, Moon regularly does sermons and prayers at a makeshift gun range, “And Father, these are the right to bear arms that we exercise today.”

Their guns are not just for show, however, as they also conduct assault rifle and combat training for their members, rest assured, they do know how to shoot them with lethal efficiency. As expected, they are facing heavy criticism and legal actions from both the Christian community and federal law, with the former dismissing them as a mere Christian cult. Here’s a feature about them:

Still, Moon claims that he feels safer and more secure every night in bed knowing that he bears arms with a “rightful” intent. What do you think about Moon’s church and his Gun almighty though? Feel free to discuss in the comments.

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