Doggie Treats: You Can Now Invite Some Shelter Dogs Over For Thanksgiving

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There is a lot to be thankful for this upcoming Thanksgiving apart from all the delicious things you could expect in said holiday. After all, Thanksgiving is all about generosity more than anything else. So why not be extra generous not just to humans but to other species as well? That is what’s happening in Virginia right now where Shelter dogs are being invited over by families for Thanksgiving.

Thanks to the efforts of a shelter named Richmond Animal Care & Control (RACC), Thanksgiving can now be as special to dogs as they are to humans. Christie Peters is the director of the said shelter and has been planning such events for their dogs for four years now. Every Thanksgiving, the families of Virginia can take a shelter dog under their care for a week-long temporary fostering.

“I was feeling so sad about the dogs being alone in the shelter for Thanksgiving. I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be fun if people could invite them over for Thanksgiving dinner?’” explained Peters. So she did and invited the local community to do so. The first Thanksgiving for RACC shelter dogs was quite a success, with 35 of them being invited over by nice families.

The families can then decide if they want to adopt the dogs they fostered for Thanksgiving. RACC would even waive the adoption fee if this was the case. According to Peters, the number of dogs who have plans for Thanksgiving has easily tripled over the course of the Thanksgiving foster program. That’s definitely an awesome way to spend Thanksgiving!

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