How To (Properly) Use An Ouija Board [Video]

ouija board

When delving into the spirit world, one ought of proceed with extreme caution. Take notes – for this is how to use an ouija board, properly.

ouija board
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This inquiry has come up over the years time and time again. It is something that many have hypothesized about.

When dealing with the board, never leave the planchette unattended . . . ever! Giving the planchette is set on the board, a person should be holding it at all times. Never allow the planchette to go from 1–0 or A-Z forwards or backwards, for this is a spell for the entity or spirit to bestow itself into our own world. If this does occurs, then instantly cease the planchette until it moves over the words ‘goodbye.’

Too, never let a planchette circulate into a figure 8 circle repeatedly. This formula is used as well to bring forth spirits and the like into our reality. If this takes place, immediately stop the planchette and terminate the conversation. To divide the planchette away from the board, use velvet cloth or silk and put it in a bag or other container.

When someone liaisons with an afterlife entity, they always should end their “call” by hanging up. To whatever was contacted, always say ‘goodbye.’

Likewise, if a person leaves the line open, whatever is there could lurk and even ultimately manifest itself – and, who knows what the hell it may be! Comparably, never try to invoke an entity to create noise or display itself unto you. Who knows what it’s actual intentions are or chicanery.

Other tips involve never utilizing a Ouija board inside of a cemetery. Most importantly, be wise and safe while using an Ouija board.  It is not a board game … take it seriously, ‘k!


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