Hangry Customer Tries to Strangle McDonalds Worker Over Ketchup

Hangry Customer Tries to Strangle McDonalds Worker Over Ketchup

We’ve all been hangry at one time or another, but never have we been this ravenous.

An enraged woman was caught on camera attacking a fast food worker after an argument over ketchup.

The unidentified customer was filmed storming up to the team member, who was standing behind the counter at the McDonald’s in Santa Ana, California. After informing the woman that she could not enter the staff-only service area, the 20-something diner punched, shoved, and even choked the unfortunate worker.

Taking place on October 27th, the attack sees the woman slam the staff member into the drive thru window, before throwing her towards the coffee machine.

The footage also shows another worker trying to stop the assault, but the furious customer refuses to let up.

The attack eventually ends when a man, assuming to be with the woman, runs into the kitchen and convinces her to leave with him.

Santa Ana police are now asking for any information on the attacker’s identity.

Still, the mystery woman is not the only one to lose it in a McDonalds restraurant. In 2014 a topless woman was filmed trashing a store in Florida, and in 2015 a McDonalds in Glasgow began playing classical music to calm patrons, after 200 violent incidents in a 14-month period.

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