Pika-boo: Pikachu Donuts Are Now A Thing, But There Is Something Wrong With Them…

Pikachu donuts
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We all love Pikachu, right? Who could hate a high voltage rodent who refuses to evolve for the sake of being a franchise poster boy? Oh, he is also the cutest Pokemon in existence and there is now an official western movie about him. As such, it was only a matter of time before desserts were named and made after Pikachu, and voila, we have the Pikachu donuts. Not everything is all sparks about them, however.


If you haven’t already heard, Mister Donut is the one behind the official Pikachu donuts and they held an advanced sale in Japan:

They are every bit as cute as their anime or video game counterparts. Still, not all Pikachus are created equally. Some Pikachus are worse than others just as some Pikachu donuts are uncute and appear to be malformed spawns which only Freddy Krueger would like, behold Poo-kachu:

“I choose you,” said no one ever to those things above. These are the very same Pikachu donuts from Mister Donuts and it appears that some branches know their Pikachus better than others.

Hence, Mister Donuts’ parent company, Duskin, is suspending the sales of these babies (aw, sad), and are also pulling the shockingly deformed Pikachus from the market.

Not to worry, however, as Duskin and Mister Donut have promised the stricter quality control for their Pikachu donuts in the future and the said sweets are still being released on November 16– nationwide, that is, meaning people outside Japan will have to watch in envy. But hey, nothing is stopping you from creating your own Pikachu desserts, apart from the fact that they might turn up like the Poo-kachus above.

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