Kid Given 6 Points On Future Driver’s License For Speeding On Scooter


A teen caught speeding on an electric scooter has been granted 6 points on his driver’s license – despite not even owning one yet!

via Gifbin; Ya’ see now why scooter speeding is not the brightest idea … right? Right.

The teenager, 15, appeared in Teesside Magistrates’ court last month after he was caught riding at ‘high speeds’ on his electric scooter.

The court provided the teen’s prospective license 6 points, which will be implemented once he is old enough to have one, according to Teesside Live. A Cleveland Police spokesman said: “One male juvenile aged 15 has recently been caught by officers riding a scooter at high speeds.

“He appeared in court in October and has been given six points which will be added to his driver’s license when he is able to have one.”

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With Christmas around the corner, law enforcement in the area have advised persons against purchasing children electric scooters, some of which can max out speeds of up to 40mph.

It is illegal to ride the autos on pavements, roads and cycle paths and they are only permissible for use on authorized or private land, though, youths often scoff these rules. PC Mike Doherty, from Coulby Newham Neighborhood Policing Team, stressed: “These scooters are not toys! And not only can they be extremely dangerous, but they are also not legal to ride on pavements and roads and I think many parents aren’t aware of this.

“Under the Road Traffic Act we can report the individual rider for not having insurance, a license, a number plate, helmet and MOT for the scooter. This person will then be reported for summons and will be given a minimum of six points on their license or future license and a possible fine.”

Whoa, now this teen’s got it!; Photo: Giphy


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