6 Instagram Pages To Follow If You Consider Yourself A Nasty Woman

Feminist Instagram Pages

Being a woman isn’t always easy. In fact, it can leave us feeling defeated and motivated all at once. When you follow a few feminist based Instagram pages, it’s a great reminder of what we’re all fighting for: EQUALITY. These accounts will lift you up, inspire you, and keep you in the loop on all things female. Here are all of the Instagram accounts to follow if you consider yourself a nasty woman.

1. Nasty Women Quotes

Feminist Instagram Pages

Nasty Women Quotes features quotes from some of your favorite television shows, movies, activists, actors, and politicians. Following their page will fill your Instagram feed with some of the most significant words ever spoken by women like Laverne Cox, Viola Davis, Gloria Steinem, Michelle Obama, and Frida Kahlo. It’s one of the best Instagram accounts to follow if you need a reminder every now and then that women are and always have been strong and independent.

2. The Wing

Feminist Instagram Pages

If you enjoy staying informed on women who are breaking glass ceilings all over the country, then you need to follow The Wing’s Instagram page. They keep their followers up to date on everything from women making strides in politics to notable women throughout history. The Wing is more than an Instagram page though as they have membership opportunities that provide access to numerous work and community spaces designed just for women. These spaces are used to encourage relationships to assist women in making professional, civic, social, and economic advancements.

3. Every Outfit on Sex & the City

Feminist Instagram Pages

Love both fashion and Sex and the City? Then the Instagram page Every Outfit on Sex & the City might just be what’s been missing in your life. From their #WokeCharlotte memes to your favorite show moments, this account knows how to mix feminism with femininity. They share more than just your favorite outfits from the show but also the casts off-screen fashion choices. It’s the perfect Instagram page to follow for nasty women who also love to binge watch Sex and the City.

4. Julie “Jooleeloren” Houts

Feminist Instagram Pages

Illustrator Julie Houts aka “Jooleeloren” shares some true masterpieces with her Instagram follower, many which represent everyday female struggles. Her artwork is not only hilarious but can also be incredibly empowering. You will not only relate to her work, but you’ll quickly find yourself sending all of your favorites to your closest friends. Julie’s illustrations will not only make you feel okay about having extra junk but simply being a normal human being with imperfections.

5. Feminist Fight Club

Feminist Instagram Pages

If you need your fill of feminist memes, then you’ll need to check out Feminist Fight Club’s Instagram page. Run by the author of the bestselling book “Feminist Fight Club” by Jessica Bennett, you’ll get to read some of the best female quotes, hilarious memes, and empowering images. Of course, you’ll also get some insight into what her book is about!

6. Feminist Thought Bubble

Feminist Instagram Pages

Another page that uses illustrations to express what it’s like to be a woman these days is the Feminist Thought Bubble. Run by a woman who’s just 23-years-old, the Instagram page depicts drawings of women as well as their anti-feminist thoughts. It’s funny and the ideal posts to share with anyone who doesn’t understand casual sexism.

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