It’s Official: Political Neutrality Is Neither Good Nor An Effective Teaching Tactic

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The world is naturally chaotic and stressful, after all, the struggle of all things alive is what keeps the balance in nature. It can get too much, and one might even prefer to shut themselves in and stay in a grey area and stay neutral. Political neutrality, however, is not good and should also not be taught both in practice and theory, according to a research done in Michigan State University.


So no, staying in your safe spot away from heavy decisions on who to vote or which political party to side will not do you or the society any good. This is contrary to what some US teachers actually teach in schools after feeling an immense pressure to remain neutral after the results of the 2016 elections in the US. Hence teachers often refrain from discussing politics in the classroom.


However, Alyssa Hadley Dunn chimed in on the matter, “teachers are enacting the opposite of neutrality by choosing to maintain the status quo and further marginalizing certain groups. Education is inherently political.” Hence, she argues that teachers refrain from being politically neutral since it creates a marginalized group of students. She also added that the 2016 election results prove the futility of political neutrality.


There is also the fact that the classroom and pretty much anything else is always part of the outside world and that it should not be treated as a separate apolitical place just because elections and politics are happening outside. Nevertheless, some teachers do feel that Trump being president calls for a change in traditional social norms since picking a side has become a “moral imperative,” with the president being a danger to American society.

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