Woman Sues Ex-BF Because His ‘Massive Rod’ Stretched Her Vajayjay

woman sues

A woman is suing her ex-beau, contending his ‘abnormally long’ pecker stretched out her vagina.

woman sues
The woman stated no man can ‘fill the gap’ her former boyfriend left.; Photo: Pinterest

29-year-old Silindile Mangena, from Harare, Zimbabwe, declared that her vagina was ‘tight’ prior to meeting her ex, Mugove Kurima, in 2016.

Kurima, 37, who it is alleged was married at the time, and Mangena fell in love and began a relationship. Though, she told the press that she terminated the relationship in November after his phallus stretched her too much.

She stated NO man can (literally) ‘fill the gap’ her former boyfriend left. Yikes.

woman sues
via Gifer; Our sentiments, exactly

She now desires to have reconstructive surgery which costs roughly $10,500 and is taking him to court in order to have him pay for the procedure.

Kurima, has not yet answered to the formal complaints.

It still has not been confirmed how large his penis actually is.

woman sues
via Funnyjunk; You don’t even wanna know WHAT he moved the table with..

While Mangena didn’t appreciate Kurima’s ‘manhood,’ there are a plethora of women out there that do (and will).

For instance – 5 nurses from Denver Health Medical Center were previously suspended for 3 weeks after it was found that they stared at, and admired, a deceased man’s big penis, according to reports.

Police stated that “multiple staff members viewed the victim while he was incapacitated, including after he was deceased.” Evidently they actually unzipped his bodybag to get ‘one last peek.’ The hospital had to report the incident to the authorities by law, however investigations concluded that the hospital ought of handle the matter internally. The Denver District Attorney’s Office too chose not to charge the horned nurses.


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