‘Jaide’ Fight Captivates Twitter, WorldStarHipHop Clip Entrances Web [Twitter Reacts]

jaide video 2013

If the word “Jaide” means nothing to you, you didn’t log into Twitter today — where the clip of two teen girls fighting captivated many of the site’s users on a rainy January day.

The Jaide fight clip was straight outta WorldStarHipHop, and the clip seems to have resonated for a few reasons. One seems mainly to do with bullying — it seems clear from the clip posted the girl in pink (ostensibly Jaide) was antagonizing a less assuming and more reserved female classmate. The classmate summarily appears to beat the crap out of Jaide, and in the process, created a massive Twitter sensation.

In case you missed it, here’s the Jaide video that set Twitter ablaze on February 1, 2013:

The hashtag #Jaide has been trending non-stop on Twitter today, with a few top tweets summing up sentiment on the Jaide situation:


But what we really want to know about the Jaide video is this:

Have you checked out the Jaide video yet?

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