Woman Shames Boyfriend’s Secret Engagement Ring But The Internet Fires Back At Her

engagement ring
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The internet sure is a weird, uh, place. It is pretty much a maelstrom of different behaviors of people, regardless of their moral compass. There is a place for everyone– a corner for cat lovers? Check. Broken-hearted people forums? Check. Swinger meet-ups? Check. How about a group for engaged women who shame the rings their fiance’s give them? Check mate. We have yet again another tale of engagement ring shaming.


So, one to-be-engaged woman got a little too excited and dug through her man’s stuff while he was out. She came upon a diamond ring, any other female would have been dancing with joy, but no, this one felt it was inadequately basic. Hence, she posted it in an engagement ring shaming group. Not only that, she even explicitly stated the other birds of a feather to roast the ring…

engagement ring
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But they didn’t, instead, it was her that got roasted. For a good reason too, because shaming another married couple‘s ring was one thing, shaming the ring that your loved one was supposed to give you was another completely repulsive matter. Of course, she went in there probably seeking an approval on her view toward the “ugly” ring but a lot more people claimed it was beautiful and that she should be grateful.

engagement ringengagement ring

engagement ring
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It was not clear what had happened to the engagement of the now anonymous poster, but it is safe to assume that she read all of the criticisms against her. Now remember bridezillas, don’t be superficial, else you might turn up in Reddit and get humbled by the internet.

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