The 10 Types of Classmates You May Encounter at Your Next High School Reunion

Going to your high school reunion can be an exciting affair. For some, it’s something to be dreaded, though. Whichever the case, there will always be something to talk about. The funny, the awful, the good.

From the 10,000+ responses to the high school reunion survey, they identified ten typical profiles of former students that alumni report encountering at their reunions – can you identify with any of these?

  1. Peter Pans
  2. Parents of the Year
  3. Jetsetters
  4. Ugly Ducklings
  5. Nobodies
  6. Rekindlers
  7. Gloaters
  8. BFFs
  9. Penny-pinchers
  10. Spies

10 Types of Classmates You Will See at Your Next Class Reunion

by Class Finders


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