Fur’real, You Can Now Get Paid To Be A Professional Dog Cuddler

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As if we don’t owe dogs too much already. We really don’t deserve such loyal and funny creatures. Now, they are giving people a chance to earn money, just by cuddling them. Here we thought being a dog walker was the best job involving dogs ever, how wrong we were. However, it is true, you can now be a dog cuddler and earn money at the same time, in Texas.

Okay nevermind Spongebob, Texas is a great place to be a dog lover and a dog cuddler. One restaurant there named MUTTS Canine Cantina is a dog-friendly establishment where owners can take their dogs and eat good food. Now, the said restaurant is upping is dog game and is now hiring its first-ever “puptern” which is an employee who will do nothing but play with and pet customer dogs… your move, job market.


Make no mistake, this job is not a dog’s life, because every day, MUTTS Canine Cantina has dozens of customers who all bring their dogs and expect a good time along with some good food. While humans are enjoying the food, the pupterns can then take care of the dogs by playing fetch with them and running them through an agility course in MUTTS’ own private dog park.


“[We] wanted to introduce them to MUTTS concept and have a great time while doing so, and because of this, the idea of the puptern internship was born. In this role, the puptern will greet MUTTS members with a friendly face, while offering to play and pet with their dogs — that’s it,” says Kyle Noonan co-founder of MUTTS.


By the way, being a puptern, you will get compensated handsomely, at $100 an hour. No need to have a Bark-eology degree, all you have to do is prove that you are good with dogs, it’s a plus if you have an Instagram account full of interactions with doggos. Submissions are also open until November 12 and among 300+ applicants, there will only be one “lucky dog” chosen for the dog cuddler position. The dog days are over.

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