Movie Scenes That Best Describe The Refugee Migrant Caravan In Trump’s Mind

Refugee Migrant Caravan

This big scary group of refugees is headed our way, and even though it’s thousands of miles away and they’re all traveling on foot, Donald Trump insists this is something we all should fear. Likely a pathetic attempt to get his more radical fans to the polls for the midterm elections, part of his master plan was to put troops at the border to wait for them. They’ll likely be waiting for a while. Here are some movie scenes that best describe the refugee migrant caravan in Trump’s mind.

Night of the Living Dead

Refugee Migrant Caravan

They’re coming to get you, Donald! There may be thousands of refugees headed for the American border, but they might as well be the living dead the way Trump is preparing for their arrival. The way Republicans treat refugees and immigrants, you’d think they’d be after their brains.

28 Days Later

Refugee Migrant Caravan

While most of the refugees are probably limping their way across Mexico dragging toddlers along the way, Trump pictures them running the dozens of miles they take on per day. In his mind, they’re the zombies in 28 Days Later, and the border wall is their precious food source. Brains!

World War Z

Refugee Migrant Caravan

Once the herd of refugees reaches our border, likely Trump has this scene from World War Z in mind. Even though his precious border wall hasn’t been built yet, about a third of the border is separated by a fence. They might not have to stack up like this to get over the current fence, but Trump likely expects that they’ll try.

I Am Legend

Refugee Migrant Caravan

If climbing over the border fence doesn’t work, then Trump likely has this scene from I Am Legend in mind as their next resort. Even though many refugees have said that they’re traveling in numbers as a way to stay safe, Trump certainly knows better. The more people they have, the easier it will be for them to knock down the fence at the border. If they’re willing to walk all those miles though, they’ve probably decided on a route that will lead them to any of the 1,279 miles not fenced in. It’s far easier to walk around a fence than to walk through it.

March of the Wooden Soldiers

Refugee Migrant Caravan

Also known by the title Babes In Toyland, the Bogeymen in this film are the beasts of every child’s nightmares. Since Trump was born around the time this movie came out, he’s likely very familiar with the monsters of Bogeyland. It’s likely where his fear of immigrants comes from, as he fears these refugees will come to America, kidnap our children, and destroy our homes. At least that’s what he wants Americans to believe will happen.

The Purge

Refugee Migrant Caravan

If any of these refugees manage to get by the 24,000 people who are now at the border, then Trump will probably start some kind of country-wide purge. That’s likely not going to happen though, as there are 12 customs, border protection agents, and soldiers for every 1 refugee in that caravan. As we all know, it will take a dozen armed men and women to take down each of these incredibly dangerous immigrants. Especially after they’ve been traveling on foot for so long. They may not have the energy to speak, but they’ll definitely have the energy to take on all of this security at the border!

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