Harry Potter Fans Are Not Happy About This Character’s Appearance in the New Fantastic Beasts Movie

Harry Potter Fans Are Not Happy About This Character's Appearance in the New Fantastic Beasts Movie

Like all long-running franchises, Harry Potter has its plot holes. Still, few are as obvious as this latest f*ck up in the wizarding world.

It’s been leaked that a young Minerva McGonagall will star in the second installment of the Fantastic Beasts series, titled The Crimes of Grindelwald. And despite the character’s popularity, fans aren’t impressed.

You see, the film is set in 1927, but according to canon Professor McGonagall – made iconic by Dame Maggie Smith in the original HP films – wasn’t born until 1935.

So, why is everyone’s favourite animagous running around New York City, when she wouldn’t exist for another eight years?

Many fans have accused JK Rowling of “breaking the [HP] universe”

While others have come up with their own theories as to explain McGonagall’s appearance in the prequel

As annoying as a continuity error is, we’re still excited to see the badass that is Minerva McGonagall on the big screen once again. The role of young McGonagall has gone to Irish actress Fiona Glascott, best known for playing Rose in Brooklyn (2015) alongside Sairose Ronan and Julie Walters.

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