Woman’s Boss Thinks Tampons Are Sex Toys and Periods Can be “Turned Off”

Remember the little girl who thought her sister was dying because she didn’t understand periods? It was cute, and we all had a good laugh.

Well, it turns out it’s not so cute or funny when it’s a fully grown man.

A woman set Tumblr alight this week with a story about her boss – a middle-aged politician with some serious misconceptions about menstruation.

In her post, the 20-year-old explained how her boss used to whine about tampon machines in women’s toilets, and how she found it strange that he believed them to be “not necessary.”

Then, one day she asked him if she could go to the bathroom. When he asked why, she explained that she was on her period, which made the guy see red (pun intended).

She said: “He started ranting about how lazy women were. How we wasted time. How we were so careless and unhygienic, and that there was no call for that.

“He finished by telling me that I certainly was NOT going to the ladies’ room and that I was just going to sit there and work. He finished this off with a decisive nod, as if I’d just been told and there could be no possible argument.”

Woman's Boss Thinks Tampons Are Sex Toys and Periods Can be "Turned Off"

Apprently, he didn’t get that her trip was urgent, and when she explained the situation, he responded with: “Wait, you mean that if you don’t go, you’ll just keep on bleeding? I thought that women could turn it off any time that they wanted!”

If that wasn’t bizarre enough, the guy thought tampons were sex toys. Yes, really.

She added: “He actually thought a) that women could shut down the menstrual cycle at will, b) that we essentially picked a week per month to spend more time in the bathroom, i.e. to goof off, and c) that napkins and tampons were sex toys”.

Although it’s impossible to verify tales on Tumblr, a 2010 study by the Journal of Family Issues shows the surprising lack of education for boys on periods, despite them affecting half of the population. So yeah, we totally find this story believable.

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