Skull-dinger’s Cat: Feline Decides To Be Friends With Halloween Skeleton

halloween skeleton
Photo by The Dodo/Charley Murphy

Halloween is certainly one of those yearly events which just keeps getting better and better. Thanks in part to social media, fresh horror tropes and media, and of course, pets. While dogs are the perfect embodiment of Halloween cuteness, cats are on the other side of the spectrum with their creepiness during Halloween. One house cat even decided to become friends with a Halloween skeleton decoration.


Onyx is a young tortoiseshell cat who just had his first Halloween this year. It was bound to be special for him, so her mom, Charley Murphey brought home a Halloween skeleton decoration– life size. Charley then sat Mr. Skellie on an armchair in the living room to make him comfortable and at home, not that he would mind since he just can’t feel anything in his bones.


Onyx got curious (he is a cat, after all), and went up to the Halloween skeleton. To Charley’s surprise, Onyx sat on the lap of the skeleton and was even asking for pets from the decoration by rubbing his head on the skeletal hands. Needless to say, Onyx was no scaredy cat. What was even weird was the fact that Onyx was not this sweet to anyone else but his human parents.

My cat decided to befriend our prop skeleton by getting in its lap and the innocence of this moment is making my head explode. from r/aww

My cat decided to befriend our prop skeleton by getting in its lap and the innocence of this moment is making my head explode… One of her signs of affection is holding paws … It wasn’t an accident that she lay her paw and head on his hand,” said Charley. Whatever it may be, there seems to be a certain understanding between Onyx and the Halloween skeleton, probably because the cat could see right through the skeleton.

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