Study Says Having A Voodoo Doll Of Your Boss Will Ease Your Work Days

voodoo doll

Anyone who’s ever had a gig before knows that it’s no guarantee everyone will get along at the job.

When you combine numerous different personality types and various responsibilities and tasks, chances are strong a conflict will arise.

Though, what happens if the individual you and your fellow co-workers have problems with is your boss?

voodoo doll
H’oh boy; Photo: Gifbin

Well … not only will you be obliged to work in an discomfited environment for eight hours (or more) a day, resentment and anxiety will likely suppurate every time your higher-up comes your way.

But rather than lose your composure, and possibly your job, researchers have discovered a better way to release your frustration, and it’s via a voodoo doll.

A The Leadership Quarterly study recently published unveiled that employees who felt maltreated in the workplace had their morale boosted after they engaged in “symbolic retaliation” against their boss. The study, which was spearheaded by Dr. Lindie Hanyu Liang, an assistant professor at the Lazaridis School of Business and Economics at Wilfrid Laurier University, analyzed workers in Canada and the US and established that sticking pins in a voodoo doll of their superior lowered their feelings of injustice by ⅓!

voodoo doll
We wonder whose boss this is!; Photo: Facebook

“We found a simple and harmless symbolic act of retaliation can make people feel like they’re getting even and restoring their sense of fairness,” said Liang.

“We wanted to see, rather than actually retaliating against the abusive boss, whether mistreated employees could benefit from harmless acts of symbolic retaliation.

“It may not have to be a voodoo doll per se: theoretically anything that serves as a symbolic act of retaliation, like throwing darts at a picture of your boss, might work. Symbolically retaliating against an abusive boss can benefit employees psychologically by allowing them to restore their sense of justice in the workplace.”


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