This Young Girl’s Headless Halloween Costume Is Both Horrific And Cute

Halloween costume
Photo by Facebook/Krystel Hwang

Halloween can surely be confusing for the uninitiated. On one hand, it is about the day of the dead and, well, the dead can be scary, so a lot of people come up with terrifying ways to stay true to this. However, it also involves kids, meaning it has to be cute too. Still, one awesome mom living in the Philippines might have nailed both aspects with her Halloween costume for her young daughter.

Krystel Hwang appears to see Halloween as a perfect opportunity to be creative with her daughters. So much so, that she even came up with a horrific yet cute Halloween costume for her daughter Maya. As a result, Maya now goes trick-or-treating around their neighborhood in Paranaque City, Philippines with success. The video was posted online and instantly became viral too:

Never have I seen someone whose cheeks you want to squeeze but you also want to run away from. Even Maya’s makeup is spot-on. By the way, Maya also has an older companion named Charlie who is dressed as a crazed horror butcher with a machete:

The two of them go trick-or-treating and they apparently have to do it under daylight because, well, they are horrific… and cute:

Maya’s costume is also quite convenient, as you can see in the video above, her lack of a trick-or-treat basket is no problem, people will just shoot the treats where her head used to be. As expected, Maya also won the local Halloween costume award because why not.

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