“Living Skull” Hopes to Become Living Skeleton – By Having His Penis Removed

"Living Skull" Hopes to Become Living Skeleton - By Having His Penis Removed

Remember Eric Yeiner Hincapié Ramírez, aka “The Living Skull” guy?

The 22-year-old from Columbia, who has been dubbed the “Kalaca Skull,” has been fascinated with skulls for most of his life. Earlier this year, he told Rio Noticias: “For me, a skull is like my sister, a part of my family really. I feel very attached to them.”

After his mother died, he decided to act on his life-long desire to look like a skull, and was willing to go to extremes to achieve it. This included having his nose and earlobes surgically removed, his eyeballs tattooed black, and his tongue dyed and split. Not to mention the extensive face tattoos, which include “sockets” around his eyes and teeth around his mouth.

And despite being pleased with his new look, he hopes to take his look to the next level by having his genitials removed, becoming a living skeleton.

Speaking to Los Informantes, Hincapié Ramírez he said his dream was to have his genitials removed, so he could be “totally flat” like a skeleton.

As the only Columbian to voluntarily have his nose and earlobes amputated, the question now is whether or not the Kalaca Skull can find a surgeon who’ll be willing to help him take the next step in his transformation.

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