Grownups Gone Wild! Nude Waterpark For Adults Set To Open

nude waterpark

First, Canada makes marijuana legal. Now – they’re geared to open a nude waterpark for extroverted adults.

nude waterpark
They’re gonna be ‘slipping’ and ‘sliding’ ALL over the place in the latest nude waterpark; Photo: Imgur

The idyllic, pastoral nature of one of western Canada’s most famed landmarks is set to alter drastically when Splasher’s Pleasure Park opens and disrupts the family friendly dynamic the region has relished for years.

“It’s a traditional water park spread over 27-acres,” the proprietor says. “But the twist here is that’s it’s for adults only. It’s a clothing optional park.”

When quizzed about the health hazards presented by a grown person cruising a waterslide in the buff, he confessed that some aspects would need to differ from a traditional waterpark.

nude waterpark
Well technically the dog’s already naked so, doesn’t quite count; Photo: Gifer

“You ride differently to protect yourself,” he stated.

Well, we’re pretty darn sure of that!

Though, if a male injures one of his oval organs on a waterslide (hypothetically speaking, of course), typically there’d be no effect on his sexual function. In most cases, the remaining testis produces enough sperm and testosterone to compensate for the testis that has been damaged or/and removed. Thereby, the one-gonad man should still be able to spring an erection and ‘blurt out’ same as he did before.

nude waterpark
Worst waterslide nightmare!; Photo: Gfycat

In turn, there are in facts health benefits to being a nudist.

For one, your skin will improve. Sleep apparel (especially if tight or synthetic) can cause skin to wigout, resulting clogged pores, rashes, and irritation, accordant to RealSelf advisor and dermatologist Dr. Sejal Shah. And when you sweat, it creates an environment for fungus and yeast to thrive, which, is gross.

The doc recommends sleeping in your ‘birthday suit’ to keep your skin clear and healthy.


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