Doctor Removes Live Cricket From Inside Man’s Ear [Video]


Cricket – is a game of bat-and-ball played between opposing teams of 11 players on a field at the center of which is a 20-meter pitch with a wicket at each end, each consisting of two bails balanced upon three stumps.

But we’re not talking about that type of cricket, here.

Cricket players high five; Photo: Gifbin

Here, we’re discussing an actual cricket … the omnivorous, nocturnal creature that produces a chirping sound (stridulating) by rubbing the bottom of their wing (which is covered with teeth-like ridges that make it rough) and the upper surface of their wing (which is like a scraper) together.

♪ Party on down to the X-Scape beat, just cricket; Just CRICKET! Just cricket ♪ – Photo: MrwGifs

Hm yes, that ‘cricket.’

This week, physicians at a hospital in Vietnam shared footage from an unusual case concerning a cricket found residing inside of a man’s ear canal.

The doctors noted the man came to the Hai Duong Hospital griping of ear pain and a glance inside his ear canal with an endoscope divulged the cause was a live cricket.

Tell us about, Jiminy; Photo: Tenor

In the video, you see the gryllidae digging around inside the man’s ear canal! It’s gathered, the cricket crawled into the victim’s ear when questing for a place to nest.

Doctors were ultimately able to dislodge the insect.

To see the ear cricket removed, click HERE.


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