Woman Says Ross Geller Clone Caught Stealing Beer is Her Missing Son

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Earlier this week, the internet had a meltdown when a Ross Geller clone was filmed stealing a case of beer in Blackpool, UK.

For 24 hours, social media was awash with Friends jokes.

So many Friends jokes

Fortunately, David Schwimmer had an alibi. The actor, who played the character on the hit 90’s sitcom for 10 years, was in New York at the time.

Or at least, that’s what he claimed on Twitter…

But if it wasn’t Schwimmer, then who was it?

Well, a British woman is convinced the man in the video is her missing son, who she hasn’t seen for 12 years.

Susan Trowbridge says her adopted son Paul, who would now be 36-years-old, disappeared in 2007. She is 100% sure the man in the tape is him, despite police already having identified the suspect thanks to video going viral.

Speaking to the Sun Newspaper, she said: “Someone sent the appeal to my daughter saying he looked like Paul and she showed it to me.

“I just don’t know how they can be so sure – they haven’t arrested anyone or named a suspect so they can’t know for definite.

“I’m his mum – call it’s mother’s instinct or whatever you want but I’m 100 per cent convinced it’s him.”

British Woman Says Ross Geller Clone Caught Stealing Beer is Her Missing Son
Paul Trowbridge

However, Lancashire and Blackpool Police forces say the man is definitely not Paul, and have informed Ms Trowbridge of this.

They also tweeted a statement confirming they know who the man was, saying: “Could we BE any more overwhelmed with the response to our CCTV appeal about a theft at a restaurant in Blackpool?

“Most importantly, we’re now satisfied we’ve identified the man in the still & our enquiries are very much continuing. Huge thanks for sharing it with your Friends.”

However, Ms Trowbridge says she will continue to search for Paul, who she fostered from nine-years-old. In the article, she directly asked him to get in touch and let the family know he was alive, adding: “We love you.”

She last saw Paul as he was leaving for a holiday in Barbados.

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