Japanese YouTuber Pranks Women, Calls Them Ugly, Gets Lambasted Online

Japanese YouTuber
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What is it with other millennials these days? A lot of them seem to think that putting the word “prank” on anything will excuse their repulsive action and make them socially acceptable. Sadly, a lot of YouTubers are like this today, often to a toxic extent or some feeble attempt to pass it off as dark humor. That is exactly what a Japanese YouTuber did by calling women ugly and considering it just a prank.

Well, it’s actually YouTubers, specifically the Hekitora House. These three guys were notorious in the past for some of their controversial pranks, however, it is only until now that they are making the news because of what they did. That is, making fun of women in a derogatory way. The three, namely Soma Transistor, Hekiho, and Jin Kawaguchi can be seen wandering at night, approaching women, and tapping them on the shoulder to see if they are beautiful or ugly. After that, they will be called as such depending on their looks. Here’s the three:

Not exactly lookers themselves by any cultural standards. Unfortunately, the video has since been taken down. It was first uploaded on October 16 and was taken down five days later due to an overwhelming outcry from the viewers. Criticisms range from the tasteless “entertainment” the three are making to earning YouTube revenue doing something shameful like that.

Surprisingly, there are some among their 1.5 million subscribers who actually defended them, saying that what Hekitora House did was… just a prank. Regardless, YouTube seems to think otherwise and has delivered swift justice, or was it censorship? Either way here’s hoping that the three stooges learned their lesson.

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