The Rock And A Hard Place: Dwayne Johnson Alligator Pics Spark Controversy

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We all know this guy right? One of the most iconic wrestlers ever who turned his back on the ring and beelined straight for Hollywood. Who knows where he may be heading next, apparently is just a stone’s throw away from a government office… you know, ‘cuz he’s “The Rock?” Anyway, Dwayne Johnson has recently earned the ire of the internet after posting his Florida vacation pics online.


Back on October 19, Dwayne Johnson a.k.a. The Rock, went to Florida Everglades National Park where he appeared to have a good time. Too much of a good time even– he posted a photo of him wrestling a big alligator named Big Bertha. Dwayne Johnson can be seen sitting on the back of the said alligator and holding its mouth shut. Here’s the photo:

The thing is, crocodile/alligator wrestling has been one of the most alluring tourist attractions in Florida. However, a lot of people consider the thing as animal abuse. Now, Dwayne may have promoted what concerned people consider as animal abuse. Hence, his photo has sparked much criticism with comments from people saying he is “ignorant” and that what he did was “not okay.”


Of course, Dwayne is now considered a huge role model now for a lot of children because of his films. However, because of what he did, a lot of his fans were disappointed in him. Still, there were some who did not see the problem with what he did to the alligator. It is worth noting that Dwayne also studied crocodiles and alligators in preparation for his film “Rampage” back then, he even made a safety warning saying “If you come across a gator, don’t try doing this. You’ll lose a limb or something much worse.” So much for that.

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