Deceased Woman Mistaken For Halloween Decoration


A tragedy occurred in Chillicothe, when Rebecca Cade, 31, lost her life.

She was discovered hanging from a chain link fence. Initially, nearby construction workers presumed it was someone playing a prank on them, until later it was learned she was really dead.

Cade’s lifeless body was dismissed by neighbors at first as a gory Halloween decoration; Photo: Twitter

A neighbor quoted to their young daughter, that the lady’s body was “just a dummy”. The same neighbor stated, “It was so awful that I thought the prank went too far.”

Cade, ultimately perished from severe injuries to both her neck and head according to Police Chief Keith Washburn. He noted that a rock was used about the size of a grapefruit to impose the blunt force trauma to the 31-year-old.

Evidently, Cade endured learning disabilities and too had a child with fetal alcohol syndrome. She was a long-time neighborhood resident. Accordant to neighbors, Cade was both endearing and overly trusting.

27-year-old Donnie Cochenour Jr. is a killer / ‘niche’ decorator, says reports; Photo: Twitter

“She was very gullible, very easily misled, as long as she thought you were her friend she would do just about anything for you,” one neighbor contended to reporters.

Her murderer was captured and later confessed to the killing. Now, Donnie Cochenour Jr., 27, is in prison on a $2 million dollar bond.

Construction workers made the bleak discovery roughly 8:30 a.m. on Thursday. They erroneously thought her corpse was merely a Halloween decoration. Others who roamed through the neighborhood too made the same mistake. Cade’s lifeless body, was left on a fence suspended for hours; her left hand was up as well, along with her caught sleeve on the fence.

“You’re not supposed to bury your child,” says one parent; Photo: Gifer

“It was the worst Halloween scene you could ever imagine,” resident Tammy Dixon expressed.

“My heart goes out to the family,” Angie Robinson said, whose daughter, Tameka Lynch, was too found deceased. “No parent is ever supposed to feel this pain. You’re not supposed to bury your child.”


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