First Ever AI-Generated Artwork Sells For $432,000 at Auction

First Ever AI-Generated Artwork Sells For $432,000 at Auction
Source: Christies

Move over Bansky and your self-destructing prints. An AI-crafted artwork has sold at auction for $432,000, much higher than the initial $7000-$10,000 estimate.

Proving that artificial intelligence can do more than write hilarious and/or terrifying commercials, the portrait – titled  Portrait of Edmond Belamy – was sold by Christies in New York.

The project was masterminded by Paris-based art collective Obvious, and was created by an algorithm and data set of 15,000 paintings dating from the 14th to 20th centuries.

To produce the image, the AI compared it’s own creation with those in the data set until they were indistinguishable.

The painting is the first computer-generated artwork to be sold at a major auction house.

Richard Lloyd, a Christies’ specialist who arranged the sale, said: “AI is just one of several technologies that will have an impact on the art market of the future – although it is far too early to predict what those changes might be.”

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