‘Ross Geller,’ Shoplifting? The Internet Hilariously Weighs In

ross gellar

It’s been a decade and a half since Friends wrapped up its 10th and final season, and you may be wondering what the bunch has been up to since then.

Evidently, shoplifting beer in England if you let one viral Facebook post tell it.

Blackpool police recently posted an image on the web of a man wanted on suspicion of shoplifting a case of beer.

The pic went viral, not because the ‘net is full of good Samaritans who desired to circulate the word and assist in catching the dude. Nope, it was probably because he looks a bit familiar to any person who watched (or watches) Friends.


You guessed it … witnesses noticed pretty rapidly that the guy busted red-handed for lifting beer is an utter dead ringer for David Schwimmer, who portrayed ‘Ross Gellar’ on the classic sitcom.

Bro, we know times can get rough for out-of-work actors but – come on Ross! We would of procured the beer for you, if it’s dire straits.

ross gellar
Well, we’d of procured it one way or another; Photo: Wifflegif

Alright, naturally it isn’t actually Schwimmer in the photograph (who btw, has a net worth of $85 million dollars!) — law enforcement later revealed he was not even in the U.K. at the time of the theft.

However, you know that didn’t stop social media from coming for him!

See, what we mean!

Thankfully, though, hardline fans needn’t worry that ‘Ross Gellar’ might be soon catching a case. Schwimmer, has already cleared his name by posting via Twitter evidence of his innocence.


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