Child Merrily Rides Through X-Ray Baggage Scanner [Video]


Apparently, someone is getting their superpowers beforehand.

This kid is merely doing something that we’ve ALL wanted to do before … kudos to you, kid!; Photo: Img Flip

Below is a video from the Xiaolan Railway Station in South China of a young male who rides through the x-ray baggage scanner when his father’s attention is temporarily diverted (antecedently: a woman rode through an x-ray scanner to make certain that her purse was not stolen).

We, are so jealous right now! We can’t even tell you how many times we have attempted to ride through an x-ray scanner, but the parents always seemed to catch us right before we were actually going to get into the machine.

Us: “Mom, you never let me do anything fun!” Mom: “Come on, remember the time I left you at the funeral parlor? Or, what about when I let you loose in the yard and let you eat all the grass your heart desired … Huh?” Us: “Yeah true but, hmmm (rolls eyes).”

The main inquiry brewing – is, what now happens to the boy? Is his health at risk? Does he now have superpowers? Was he unknowingly harmed?

Despite the hype, the radiation risk from such scanners (like the one in the footage) is very, very small.

One scan from a stereotypical “backscatter” security scanner may possibly deliver 0.005 to 0.01 millirem – far, far below the 10,000 millirem that is regarded the danger threshold.


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