‘Playing Possum’ — Rescued Possum Dons Pajamas & Cuddles With Mom


Are Possums dangerous? Yes.

Possum like “gimme 10 feet fool”; Photo: Make a Gif

Possums, too known as opossums, are considered to be dangerous because of the wide variation of diseases that they carry and can transmit. Diseases they can hold include: leptospirosis, murine typhus, tularemia and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

Okay — we can get with that — it is a wild animal, we mean. However the main thing to ask is … do possums bite?

Photo: Gifer; Crane kick coming in 3, 2..

Yes, sharp teeth (well, and claws) in our flesh is the primary interest. Thing is, opossums are not how you’d anticipate them to be.

Possums are more likely to hiss, growl and display their 50 sharp teeth than to actually bite.

They are a relatively tranquil animal and prefer to avert confrontation at all costs. Though, if cornered you might want to watch out (or, haul a**).

Run? From what … this (apple-eating possum)? Ha!; Photo: Imgur

The possum in the following video, contrariwise, is a whole ‘nother breed of animal! The marsupial, dubbed Starfish, was rescued some time back by her now ‘mother’, and is the sweetest thing you’d ever see with two eyeballs!

For one, Starfish is a straight-up people’s ‘person.’ Indeed, she assuredly channels the spirit of broken canis familiaris’ and felis’ dwelling in human households around the globe.

Two, … get this … she loves wearing pajamas! Remember Bananas in Pyjamas — that ain’t got jack spit on this superfly (and super comfy) possum!

Check it out for yourself above.

Oh, and by chance you have possums on your property please do NOT try to remove them on your own! A trained wildlife removal expert should be phoned to humanely transfer them off your property.



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