Trump Fans Declare “It Doesn’t Matter What He says, We’ll Support it” in Worrying New Clip

Trump Fans Declare "It doesn’t matter what he says, we’ll support it" in Worrying New Clip

Remember how horrifying it was when a Trump/Kavanaugh supporter from Montana convinced her teenage daughters that “being groped is no big deal?”

In the disturbing clip, which was aired as part of a news segment on MSNBC last month, the women told the reporter “Groping a woman? At 18? I mean, how many guys do you know who think that’s no big deal? It’s not a big deal.”

This is despite the fact that her two teenage daughters were with her at the time, and with both sadly nodding in agreement with their mother’s words.

Well, it turns out it’s not just sexual assault that Trump fans will support. If this latest clip is anything to go by, it looks like anything goes.

The short video was tweeted by a US journalist, and shows the terrifying level of dedication of Trump’s supporters.

While visiting a Trump rally, Holly Figueroa O’Reilly asked a group of MAGA-hat wearers what issues the hoped the President would discuss, to which they responded: “It doesn’t matter what he says, we’ll support it.”

This isn’t really shocking, since 13 sexual assault allegations and fist-pumping at this year’s the 9/11 Memorial hasn’t deterred them. Still, considering some of the President’s more heinous policies, knowing that his fans will support him no matter what is seriously troubling, especially with the mid-terms coming up.

And Twitter seems to agree.

Scary stuff indeed.

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