Trendy Nose Warmers Are A Thing Now — Would You Wear Them?

nose warmers

Providing the cold wintry air turns your nose as red, and nearly as puffy, as Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, you may contemplate investing in a nose warmer.

Right, high-end fashion models have never strolled a runway donning these protuberant nose fastenings, though when your nose is leaking like a faucet and your face feels like it’s going to literally freeze up, it may be worth sacrificing style for comfort.

Now we know what you’re thinking: why not just veil a scarf around your nose?

Well.. the thing about scarves is that they do not firmly fix around your nose. They slide and slip at every head tilt, which results in you perching your neck down, and that is an ail.

nose warmers
When we say just about every invention you can fathom has been thought of, we’re not kidding; Photo: Flickr

The nose warmers are too awesome because they do not cover your eyes and mouth, thereby you can enjoy a cup of hot pumpkin coffee without having to concern yourself about a runny nose.

When social media users caught wind of these endearing designs, they seemed quite optimistic about their new face attire!

nose warmers
Awww, adorable nose warmers on deck; Photo: Facebook

The nose warmers come in all sorts of styles and flavors … ‘pork’ flavor included!

nose warmers
Oink oink, baby; Photo: Imgur

The nose warmers come in a gang of charming flairs, plus, they will keep your nose snug and warm.

nose warmers
Variety of nose warmers; Photo: Twitter

Would you purchase a nose warmer?


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